Ahoi captain A-1-H-8-A-1-B-2

Ahoi captain A-1-H-8-A-1-B-2

AHe’s Around Border,
chaos fight’s against the order.
Abandoned Heads Agnostic Boulder
no shelter in that folder.
A Harpoon Against the big
Ambiguity Hustles Any Bay
much symbolism around a horny stick.
5 segments in the A-bay … baby!
Alpha Hates All Binary
primary has two legs, but finally
Apple helps Against the Butcher.
A with one leg, is 4  … such a
Apple Helps the Ape beast
boost to be the best!
Boost to be the beast!
Boost to be the best beast!
From 1 point substrate, substracted 8
from beginning to infinite
is the holy -7, added a new begin 1
through sexadecimal, it’s just the bay-by
born out of binary legs parent.
It is clearly transparent.
Order -4 in that cycle
who is riding the bi-(G7)-cycle?
Am i guilty, just to be?
If you take 2 legs from A
it’s like to try angels triangle to play.
A-war-in-ness, rocks beyond
the front of gap-less-I-ness


it’s like biting in the holy apple
a battle starts to crackl.
Fight against the leviathan
is all the human can
to survive, against natures ambiguity.
Fit and revolt against the father continuity.
It’s a paradox in that story
of chaos and order.
Maybe the captain symbols 4
means order against the arbitrary whore.
I think it’s just hexually psycho’s logic
it’s harpoon penetrates the moby – dick.
Maybe he is in she.
Maybe he hates in love
in that big sea?
Maybe it’s homosexual fantastic queer?
God, state and the father
rather means the same together.
Very blasphemy, mostly wrong interpreted.
Maybe — white —
 is the color of fear and ambiguity?
Ishmael, Ishe the male
of queequeg, maybe queerqueg?
Awareness Helps About Blind
and extremist obsessed mind?
Awareness Harried Animal Beyond?
A-war-I-ness, destroys — it’s the respond.
Authority Harrases All the BRAVE
nothing left, we all fool slaves.
All Horses Obey Idiots
All Heroes Are Blackbirds!
captain blackbeartbird

Just proudly wears the fools captain cap!

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